Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apple attacks Game Center cheaters

The top-scores of Game Center games have since the very beginning been plagued by impossible scores created by cheaters who in one way or the other manipulate the scores. Now, Apple has decided to do something about it and has given the developers the tools to ban cheaters from Game Center top-score-lists.

top game center cheat ban block
The Game Center in iOS has many functions such as allowing multi-player modes but also allows users to upload their top scores and achievements and be ranked among other Game Center players. However, so far, the top rankings of the Game Center for almost all games have very clearly been occupied by cheaters with impossible scores and no-one has been able to do anything about it. This has changed now, and Apple has now given registered developers the power and tools to block and ban users who cheat from the top score lists. 

The new introduced function to the developers also allow them to restore users in case they accidentally ban an innocent user. As of right now though, this is a purely manual action that the developers must make and not any automatic anti-cheat solution commonly found in modern computer games. 

One limitation with the blocking function is that the developers can only block scores uploaded within the last 30 days, which means that those who have cheated in the past will still have their scores and rankings retained. Hopefully, this will change in the future once Apple has properly evaluated this recently introduced functionality.

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