Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Swallow a tablet and forget about your passwords

Usernames and passwords are something that we are all haunted by daily. Now researchers from Motrola has demonstrated a tablet that stores the user credentials on a chip and activates once it is swallowed by a user.

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Motorola recently announced the Proteus Digital Health, a somewhat unconventional technology which is a tablet that the users are to swallow for the purpose of authentication. The tablet itself is equipped with a small chip that once swallowed begins to harvest power from the acid in the stomach of the user. 

Once powered, the chip will emit a 18-bit EKG-like signal that can be picked up by proper equipment. This signal obviously can then be made unique and therefore can authenticate the users against other units or accounts. 

According to Motorola, the tablets are approved by the FDA and can safely be taken by the users once a month. So far, the technology has been used to authenticate against phones but the applications are endless if there is a need. However, Motorola does stress that the product will likely not be released for the public anytime soon and so far is primarily used as a showcase and only for customers with special needs.

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