Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cell phone radiation levels safe for humans

Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme study shows that radiation from cell (mobile) phones are safe and not harmful to the human health.

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Our world is surrounded by sources which emit radiation. During the last decades, the number of radiation sources in our vicinity has exploded with the availability of wifi networks and cell phones. The question of whether or not radio waves used by these sources are harmful for humans has been up for debate for a very long time. The critics, for example, claim that cell phone radiation causes brain tumors and affect the general well being of humans in various negative ways. The critics have primarily based their conclusions on some studies performed on small animals (rats/mice) which indeed have shown adverse effects when the animals were exposed to large amounts of radiation from radio waves. However, physics clearly shows that the energy in radio waves carry insufficient energy to ionize atoms or to affect the biological functions. Thus, to most people in the scientific community, the radiation from cell phones and wifi networks is considered to be safe. Often it is also pointed out that the small animals were exposed to enormous amount of radiation, which are off-the-chart to induce any effect on the health. 

Regardless of the arguments proposed by both camps, so far, the lack of long-term raw data has made it impossible draw any final conclusions. However, a recent study by the Mobile Telecommunication and Health Research Programme (MTHR) may now once and for all settle the debate. The study has been conducted for 11 years and has so far costed 13.6 million GBP. This study has collected data published for the last 11 years from 31 different projects and 60 published theses. The results, as claimed by the researchers, show no adverse health effects that could be related to the use of cell phones or the exposure of radio-wave radiation. These results hopefully settles one of the arguments by the critics, which is that no long-term studies have been conducted on humans.
The report does not end the study by the MTHR which are dedicated to continue collecting data for many years to come. However, no indications show that the results after, yet another decade, would be any different. Thus, for now, it is more than safe to disregard the myths about cell-phone radiation and cancer or other unscientific claims.

The full report of the radiation study can be found from the MTHR homepage here.

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