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Top 10 best Nokia cell phones of all time

With the phone division of Nokia becoming a part of Microsoft, a new era of Nokia as we know it has begun. The all-time best classic Nokia mobile phones are therefore worth to revisit.

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Nokia has had a couple of difficult years and has had huge problems competing against its arch-rivals being the Apple iOS iPhones and Google Android based smartphones. After reporting hundreds of millions of Euro of loss quarter after quarter, finally Nokia was acquired by Microsoft. The acquisition makes very much sense considering the last strategic move by Nokia which is to develop Windows Phone based smartphones only. However, this strategy definitely is risky as Windows Phone simply lacks demand currently.

Despite the recent troubles of Nokia, it has, over its glorious history, produced several extremely successful phones that today are considered classic. In this article, the top 10 best Nokia phones are presented.

10. Nokia Mobira Senator

best nokia mobira senator
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Launched in 1982, the Mobira Senator was a car phone and definitely not mobile by the definition we used today especially since the phone itself weighted 9.8 kg (22 lb). The Mobira Senator was the result of a merge between Nokia and Salora which became Mobira Oy. The Mobira Senator was the first phone system produced and at that time was using the Nordic Mobile Telephony 450 (NMT-450) network standard.

9. Nokia Mobira Cityman

best nokia mobira cityman
Released in 1987, the Mobira Cityman line was one of the first handheld phones on the market. Compared to the Mobira Senator, the Mobira Cityman weighed "only" 800 g (22 oz) and operated on the NMT-900 network which had a better signal quality as compared to the NMT-450. The phone was very expensive and costed over €4500, however, being one of the first practical mobile phones, it still became a big success and a status symbol for those that could afford it.

8. Nokia 1011

best nokia 1011 phone
Nokia was one of the key players together with Siemens to develop the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. Following the launch of the GSM network on 1 July 1991, the Nokia 1011 phone was launched a year later on 10 November 1992 and was the first GSM phone on the market that was made for the public.

7. Nokia 2110

best nokia 2110 phone
The Nokia 2110 was released in 1994 and was more or less only an evolution from the Nokia 1011. However, the Nokia 2110 introduced some important and characteristic features of a Nokia phone that would follow it throughout many generations. The introduced features included the characteristic ringtone, as well as the unique and familiar menu system and programmable buttons depending on the current active function. More than 20 million units were sold of this popular phone

6. Nokia 8110

best nokia 8110 phone
Launched in 1996, this popular Nokia phone is mainly famous for being used in the classic movie, The Matrix, from 1999. The Nokia 8110 was considered to be the high-end market segment phone.

5. Nokia 6110

best nokia 6110 phone
The Nokia 6110 was the successor to the highly successful Nokia 2110 and was released in 1997. On the technical side, the 6110 was among the first phones to use an ARM CPU under the hood. However, the phone is probably most famous for having the game Snake pre-installed which for a very long time was considered to be one of the best cell phone games.

4. Nokia 5110


best nokia 5110 phone

The Nokia 5110 was launched in 1998 and was the consumer or budget model of the Nokia 6110. Compared to the 6110, the 5110 did not have the IR-port and had a more simple menu system. The Nokia 5110 became one of the most popular phones produced by Nokia.

3. Nokia 7650

best nokia 7650 phone
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The 7000 series of Nokia focused on design and the Nokia 7650 was one example of how design started to play an increasingly more important role. The 7650 was released in 2002 and in addition to sporting unique design features, the phone was also the first one running the Symbian operating system and had had an integrated camera.

2. Nokia N95


best nokia N95 phone
With the launch of the Nokia N95 in 2007, Nokia proved to the market that it could deliver the best hardware and functions for, at that time, the relatively young smartphone market. The N95 had a 5 megapixel camera, navigator, support for HSDPA and the best web browser on the market. Prior to the release of the Apple iPhone, the Nokia N95 was the smartphone that the competitors attempted to beat.

1. Nokia 3310


best nokia 3310 phone
Released in 2002, the Nokia 3310 is one of the most popular phones ever produced. The phone has received a cult status in the cell phone scene and still today is commonly referred to as being a splendid phone. During the lifetime of the Nokia 3310, in total 126 million units were sold. The phone itself carried many unique features (at that time) such as calculator, stop watch and reminder, and also came with the popular games Space Impact and Snake II.

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