Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Next Android version name is Kitkat

Google has announced that the next Android version 4.4 will be given the name Kitkat, which is a popular candy bar by Nestle.

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As known, Google Android codenames carry the theme of popular desserts or candies. The present version is known Jelly Bean, and following the tradition, the next version will be given a name beginning with the letter 'K'. For a very long time, the next version codename was thought to be Key Lime Pie. However, Google has now announced that Kitkat will be the name of the next Android version.

In addition, the the surprising choice of name, since Kitkat is a registered trademark of Nestle, Google also announced that Kitkat will denote Android 4.4 instead of Android 5 as was to be expected by most people. 

Following the announcement, Google also erected a Android mascot statue with the Kitkat theme to join the other Android mascot statues in the park in front of the company. 

While one could believe that the choice of name was a PR gig by Google and Nestle, both Google and Nestle denies this. However, Nestle has said that they will leverage the Kitkat name of Android and start to deliver special Kitkat packaging where Google Android is clearly featured. Therefore, while maybe not a direct or planned PR gig, this decision will certainly make Android exposed to the greater public something that may end up with a great deal of advertisement for a low price for Google.

The specifications and feature sets of Android 4.4 Kitkat has not yet been announced and most likely Google is awaiting the IFA event that will start on Friday, 6 September.

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