Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Google Glass version released soon

Google has been testing their cyber-glasses known as Glass for a while now and apparently things are going good. Google has announced now that a new version of Glass will be available soon and all current owners of Google Glass can invite new users to the fun!

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Google has been quiet regarding their Glass testing process for a while now. Recently, Google announced that it will release a new version of Google Glass and in this process also expand the number of users by a factor of 3.

Google has decided to allow anyone who currently owns a pair of Google Glass to invite up to 3 new users to the new Google Glass versions who will be able to purchase the new version from Google directly. Nothing was mentioned regarding the price, but it is very likely that the price will land at $1500 just as the original Google Glass version.

The biggest change to the new version is that they will work together with conventional glasses, similar to how Samsung's competing product works, the new version will additionally also be equipped with an earphone.

Finally, Google has promised that those who already own a Google Glass will be able to trade in their old version for the new version free of charge.

Considering the new invite program that Google has established, things do look good that the final product will indeed have a release date set to later this year as has been announced by Google earlier.

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