Monday, September 30, 2013

Top 10 best global brands

The current list of the best global brands by Interbrand has been published with the top 10 list clearly dominated by computer and technology corporations.

top best strongest brands global dominate
Interbrand is a consultant firm which publishes lists of the top 10 best strongest brands on the global level. In this list, Interbrand takes aspects such as the market value of the company and the predicted market value of the company into account weighed with other relevant economical and market attributes. This gives a so called projected value of a company in units of billions of USD.

The top 10 list has been dominated for 13 years by Coca-Cola, however, now, Coca-Cola has been bumped down to a bronze position and the top two positions are now given to Apple and Google (who have made huge leaps since last years, increasing their score by approximately 30%). This is described as an paradigm shift by the analysts.

The interesting thing in the top 10 list is that 7 positions are actually held by brands which specialize in computer technology and other science-driven products which demonstrates clearly how the market is expecting the various segments to develop in the future. The top 10 list is seen below.

Position:Brand:Value in billion USD (change):
1. Apple 98 (+28%)
2. Google 93 (+34%)
3. Coca-Cola 79 (+2%)
4. IBM 79 (+4%)
5. Microsoft 60 (+3%)
6. Contact Info & Downloads 47 (+7%)
7. McDonald´s 42 (+5%)
8. Samsung 40 (+20%)
9. Intel 37 (-5%)
10. Toyota 35 (+17%)

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