Sunday, September 29, 2013

iOS 7 download forced onto users

iOS 7 downloads itself in the background regardless of user preferences and explains the large number of users who all of the sudden are starting to run out of storage memory.

ios 7 sucks force upgrade update
iOS 7 which was first released September 18, 2013, has today already released two point releases with the most current one being iOS 7.0.2 released September 26, 2013. iOS 7 has really split its users up to a love camp and a hate camp with the haters definitely wanting to hold off the upgrade for as long as they can.

However, now it appears that Apple has decided to force iOS 7 onto all users. During the last days, a lot of users have reported that they are running out of storage memory for no apparent reason. After some investigation, it appears that iOS 7 is forcing itself to download onto the user devices in the background. Considering that the upgrade file is 3.3 GB large, it is of no wonder that users are all of the sudden experiencing a shortage of storage memory. What makes matter worse is that there exist no way to remove the downloaded files without actually having to install the upgrade.

As always with Apple fans, a lot of fan-boys once again state that this is nothing to complain about since it is still up to the users to actually install the upgrade. However, out of principle, this is downright a disgusting action by Apple which more or less lay siege on the storage space of its users to more or less force them to upgrade to be able to access the full potential of their devices. Once again, this just shows how little Apple care about its users preferences, in essence, do it the Apple way or the high way.

Considering the above, this also makes the new Touch ID fingerprint technology even more questionable. If Apple forces users to upgrade to iOS 7 even though they do not want to, just imagining what Apple could do with the Touch ID fingerprints is horrifying.

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