Friday, September 27, 2013

Google celebrates 15-year birthday with Easter egg and doodle

Google was founded in September 15 years ago and is celebrating its 15-year birthday by an Easter egg which shows how Google looked like in 1998 and also a piñata Google Doodle game.

best doodle easter egg google
Google was founded in September of 1998 and therefore, this month, Google is celebrating its 15-year birthday. At the time Google was launched, Altavista was the dominating search engine on the market followed by Yahoo.

However, after Google launched its search engine, the company created huge headlines in multiple newspapers who were impressed by the results delivered by Google. Following this, it did not take very many years before Google completely started to dominate the market. The total dominance of Google forced Yahoo to acquire Altavista in an attempt to strengthen its position. Although this does not seem to have worked out too well and today Google is still, by a large margin, the largest search engine on the internet. 

To celebrate its 15-year birthday, Google has released an Easter Egg which brings users to an interface showing how Google looked like in September 1998. In addition, a Google Doodle game has been created on the main home page where users are to smash piñata animals to collect candy.

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