Thursday, September 19, 2013

Facebook Professional Skills challenges LinkedIn

Facebook is testing a new function which allows users to provide information regarding their professions and areas of expertize, thus directly challenging LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn has become a very dominant social network that is used primarily for professional networking which opens up a lot of possibilities for those interesting in a new career and for recruiters. Now, however, it appears that Facebook is determined to get its own share of the cake and has introduced the function known as Professional Skills. The Professional Skills function, which is still in testing, allows the users on Facebook to provide information related to professions, areas of expertize as well as other relevant information for professional purposes. 

In essence the new information can be mined by recruiters and allows them to sort the individuals based on their location as well as other relevant social informations. 

Considering that Facebook has more than a billion active users compared to LinkedIn which "only" has 238 million users, there are probably many reasons for LinkedIn to take this strategic move seriously. In particularly, LinkedIn has for very long pushed for their premium accounts, and if Facebook provides a new opportunity for its users in the career aspects either free of charge or simply less expensive and more efficient, then LinkedIn can very well start to lose users by the thousands.

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