Friday, October 11, 2013

iPhone 4S wifi problems in iOS 7

The iOS 7 carries a huge amount of changes to the iOS environment and has been plagued by numerous of bugs and security issues since its launch. Now, another issue has been revealed which affects iPhone 4S users. Many iPhone 4S users have reported that they are having trouble using wifi following an upgrade to iOS 7 on their phones.

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iOS 7 while being the largest change to the iOS interface, ever, also has been plagued by several issues since it was first released. It has been plagued by security issues that allowed intruders to bypass the lock screen and also carries some problems with iMessage that can render the messaging system useless for some users. Now, another issue related to wifi has emerged for iPhone 4S users.

iPhone 4S users who have upgraded to iOS 7 report that the wifi functionality on their phones is not working properly. First of all, connection to wifi networks is troublesome and only works occasionally. What makes matter worse is that for some users, the wifi symbol is not even present in the iOS 7 settings.

The wifi chip in the iPhone 4S is the Broadcom BCM4329 chip which is used in many smartphone models. Since no other models have reported broad scale wifi problems, the issues that iPhone 4S users are faced with must be related to software, namely the iOS 7 in this case. 

Apple has acknowledged the problem, but has not stated when a fix will be released. Hopefully, a fix will be included in the next iOS 7 point release to remedy this annoying issue for the users.

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