Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scientists makes two brains communicate over the internet

For the first time, two brains can communicate completely without any intrusive procedures. Scientists have enabled two humans to communicate purely based on their thoughts.

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Scientists at the University of Washington recently demonstrated communication between two human brains without applying any intrusive procedures. The approach was based on two caps. With the sender wearing one filled with electrodes which could pick up on the brain activity. The brain of the receiver would then be stimulated by magnetic fields at the same locations as the active parts of the sender brain.

Based on this principle, the sender simply thought of moving their finger, which resulted in the receiver actually performing the action. This could in essence result in a breakthrough and perhaps telepathy (even though assisted) could become reality in the close future.

The scientists, however, emphasize that the system only can be used for very simple brain signals and will likely never be able to transmit thoughts. Instead it opens up possibilities to study how brain activity differs between individuals. 

Nonetheless, this is a very cool demonstration and the thought of being able to "command" someone else to perform a physical action purely based on thoughts certainly gives lots of flashbacks to sci-fi movies.

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