Monday, September 23, 2013

Google makes Quickoffice a free app

Quickoffice which is one of the most competent office suites for smartphones and tablets has now become a free app following an initiative by Google.

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Quickoffice which by many is considered to be one of the best and competent office suites for smartphones and tablets was acquired by Google in June 2012. Google has recently announced that a new version of Quickoffice has been released that is free-of-charge for all users. In addition, 15 GB of storage space is also given to the users for free during a 2-year period. 

This move is certainly a bit surprising considering that Google has promoted its own Office tools found through Google Drive. However, since Apple has started to offer iWork for free for everyone who purchases a new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, this is likely at strategic move by Google in order to attract and sustain its user base.

Users who are interested in Quickoffice can download it from either the Apple App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).

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