Wednesday, August 21, 2013

iOS developers can now register 200 devices for testing

Developers for iOS that have wanted to test their apps have up until now been limited to 100 devices. This limit has now been increased to 200 devices by Apple.

iOS developers can now register up to 200 devices each year to test their apps in development, which has been increased from 100 devices by Apple. This method of distribution is called Ad Hoc, and has of course been crucial for app developers to allow real users to test their apps before they are uploaded to Apple App Store for signing and approval.

However, in addition to commercial app developers who rely on this, corporations should also greatly benefit from this. Many corporations use local and in-house developed apps for various applications and have no interest to upload their specialized apps to the Apple App Store. This means that it will be easier for these corporations to get their apps to their employees as well. 

It should be mentioned that the present update of the limit of devices does not alter the former rules, dictating that registered devices cannot be edited in any way. This means that even if a device is lost, sold, disabled or broken, the iOS developer may not exchange that device to another device.

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