Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Google Maps and YouTube apps updated for iOS

Google had updates their massively popular apps Maps and YouTube for iOS users, giving Google Maps the ability to give traffic reports and YouTube to use picture-in-picture technology.

Google Maps iOS app screenshot
As known the built-in map app for iOS is not really among the best products by Apple. Therefore, since iOS 6 which used Apple Maps by default, the Google Maps app has been incredibly popular. In June of 2013, Google purchased the company Waze which specialized in a maps app with social elements to aid drivers in the sense that they could receive traffic information from other Waze users.

Today, Google has pushed out a server side update of Google Maps where the traffic information from Waze has been integrated. This means that whenever a Waze user reports an accident, road blocks, road work or anything that prevents the traffic from flowing normally, this information will now be presented in Google Maps as well. In addition, as Waze also collects data of all users, even users that do not actively interact with Waze provides information of the condition of certain routes which too will now be presented in Google Maps.

In addition to the update to Google Maps, YouTube has also been updated. The main update here is that the app has been given the ability for picture-in-picture which will be in particularly useful as it will be possible to view a video while simultaneously search or browse for other videos.

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