Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Apple censors iOS 7 wifi problem discussions in forum

iOS 7 brought many good changes but also some bugs. One such bug causes some users who upgrade to iOS 7 to completely lose wifi functionality on their phones. However, Apple apparently wants to pretend that there is no problem and even censors forum posts concerning the issue.

ios 7 wifi problem fix censor
New major releases and changes of most software always introduces bugs. Usually, such introduced bugs and quirks are nothing to be ashamed of and the developers are quick to release fixes and communicate the issues with the users. Apparently, Apple is having some problems with this common practice that is seen as respect and courtesy to the users.

As reported previously, some users are having wifi problems after upgrading to iOS 7. iPhone 4S users seem to constitute the largest group of users experiencing problems, with some reporting wifi becoming completely useless, regardless of the strength of the wifi signal. However, when the users report on the wifi problems in the forums, Apple apparently deliberately censors (removes) posts with fixes and answers that suggest the users to claim a new phone through the warranty program. 

The action by Apple is very questionable. An iPhone with a malfunctioning wifi function due to an upgrade of the iOS should certainly be covered by the warranty program, in particular as the users even cannot downgrade back to iOS 6. Some users may not be aware of this, and it is then natural for others to suggest and inform them of the coverage of the warranty program, which they have paid indirectly for and have the right to. Apple, on the other hand, apparently does not want the information to spread, out of nothing but being cheap and greedy it seems, since Apple has not either released any official statement of the issue. 

Regardless, the actions by Apple is frowned upon and definitely do not show much respect to the customers. Although it is worthwhile to point out that despite this, some Apple fanboys have already come to the rescue, claiming that the Apple censorship is warranted since the forums are for solutions and fixes, and turning in an iPhone for warranty is apparently not considered to be a solution...

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