Thursday, November 7, 2013

Google Apps blocks Internet Explorer 9

Google has announced that Internet Explorer 9 will be blocked from Google Apps within the next few weeks due to it considered to be a too old version.

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Google has a policy to only support the newest version and two major versions back of the dominating web browsers, being Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Since Internet Explorer 12 has now been released, this means that support for Internet Explorer 9 will end in the coming weeks. 

While it makes sense for Google to focus on the newest web browser versions, the drop of Internet Explorer 9 is in particular troublesome for users using Google Apps. The reason being that Internet Explorer 9 is the newest Internet Explorer version for Windows XP and Windows Vista users. Essentially, by blocking Internet Explorer 9 from Google Apps, Google is simultaneously shutting the doors for Windows XP and Windows Vista users. 

At present, Windows XP is still used by 31.24% of the users and Windows Vista by 3.63%, clearly there will be a large number of users who will be affected by this drop of support. For web browsers, most users have migrated to Internet Explorer 10, although users of Internet Explorer 9 and older still account for 37%.

For users using too old versions of Internet Explorer, Google recommends them to use an alternate web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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