Tuesday, November 12, 2013

iOS users prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps

Apple Maps replaced Google Maps iOS 6 and has had its great share of problems. Initially users flocked to Google Maps due to large inaccuracies with Apple Maps. However, now, it appears that most users are choosing Apple Maps over Google Maps.

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When Apple Maps was released and replaced Google Maps as the default Maps app, users criticized it for being largely inaccurate and downright embarrassing in many contexts. As a result, users flocked to the competing Google Maps, even though initially the users had to use it through the Safari web browser. Now, however, it appears that Apple Maps has regained its lost users.

During the last year, the number of Google Maps users has decreased from 29 millions to 9 millions while Apple Maps has went from 10 millions to 35 millions, according to Comscore. These numbers show clearly that the users has given up Google Maps in favor of Apple Maps.

The above numbers are interesting in the sense that they demonstrate the power of giving users default apps. Despite the fact that Apple Maps in several instances is still much less accurate and correct than Google Maps, most users simply prefer to use the standard apps without having to bother with third-party apps. This also reflects the reasoning behind several rulings, in particular in Europe, against Microsoft's actions involving pushing Internet Explorer onto its users without offering alternatives.

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