Friday, October 4, 2013

Worst quarter in the history of HTC

HTC just published its quarter report which shows the absolutely worst quarter in the history of HTC, likely related to the delay and delivery problems of new models.

best htc crisis one model
HTC has been a very successful manufacturer of smartphones and has since the very beginning in 2002, always made profit with popular models. However, the success story of HTC may be reaching its end according to the recently published quarter report showing a loss of 101 million USD. This is to be compared with the report for the same period in 2012, which netted a profit of 132 million USD.

The poor results is likely due to the problems HTC is currently having with releasing new models onto the market. For example, this year HTC has in principle only managed to push two significant models into the market, being the HTC One, and HTC One Mini. While both smartphones generally received very good reviews, HTC has had trouble delivering the units which unambiguously affects it negatively considering the harsh competition from Samsung and Apple. For a customer, it makes no sense to sit around and wait for months for a particular HTC model, when there are good alternatives just around the corner.

Considering how unforgiving the market of smartphone is, with the Nokia and BlackBerry failure stories in mind, hopefully, HTC will be able to get their products in order and not reach the same fate.

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