Friday, October 4, 2013

Adobe hacked: millions of users affected

A massive hacker attack against Adobe has been revealed which has resulted in that the 2.9 million user credentials, credit cards and source codes being stolen from Adobe servers.

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The security manager of Adobe, Brad Arkin, has announced and confirmed that Adobe has recently been the victim of a, so called, sophisticated attack. Accordingly, 2.9 million users have been affected, where the hackers have stolen the user names in clear text, the passwords and credit card information in encrypted forms, and also source codes to some of the most popular Adobe software.

Even though the passwords are stored in encrypted forms, it is not unlikely that the hackers at some point will be able to break the encryption and retrieve both the passwords as well as the credit card numbers of the users. 

While these kinds of hacker attacks against large companies happens from time to time, for the case of Adobe, the timing could be really bad since Adobe is just in the process of convincing customers to move to their Creative Cloud service. This loss of credibility and sensitive user information, certainly will make the customers think twice before they migrate their information to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the source code for Adobe Acrobat, Colfusion and Colfusion builder have been stolen. While Adobe has not mentioned other software, the security firm, Holden Security, has said that they have confirmed the presence of the source code to Adobe Reader on various sources on the internet. 

The loss of source code, besides being a loss for Adobe, can possess severe security risks for the customers of the popular products since hackers will now be able to analyze the source code to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit in Adobe's products. Since one main source of infection is through browser plugins (Flash, Java primarily) and the .PDF file format, those who are concerned about security should really keep an eye open in the future for vectors that can exploit Adobe products.

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