Saturday, October 5, 2013

Galaxy Gear beats iWatch and launches

The Apple iWatch has been anticipated by many to be the next greatest product. Now, through a massive campaign, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Gear, well ahead of the Apple iWatch.

To many, smartwatches are believed to be the next big thing in the technology market and currently multiple of companies are working on various smartwatches products, with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Apple iWatch probably being two of the most well known. While the release date for Apple iWatch is not known, it is likely still at least half a year in the future, but for Samsung, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has now been launched.

Samsung does indeed put a lot of emphasis on the release campaign. For example, it occupies 10 color pages in the New York Times to use in its ad campaign, something which costs somewhere around 1.5 millions USD alone.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear, although said to be smartwatch, is in reality an extension of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. At present the Galaxy Gear only functions with the Galaxy Note 3, and the purpose here is to provide the users with a compact, 1.6-inches user interface and leave the heavy number crunching to the Galaxy Note 3 itself.

The concept of Samsung Galaxy Gear does make a lot of sense, considering that the Galaxy Note 3 is huge, having a screen of 5.7 inches, making it more like a tablet where it is possible to make phone calls, something which obviously makes it impractical for many situations. 

The reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Gear so far are mixed. Most reviews find the technology itself fascinating, useful and worth to invest in. However, a common critic is that the Galaxy Gear is clumsy and simply not visually attractive. Furthermore, the Galaxy Gear, as any smartphone or future smartwatches will need to be charged every day, which is counter-intuitive for wrist-watches in general.

Time will tell if the Samsung Galaxy Gear will be successful or not, but it is certainly an interesting and new market segment that has not been ventured. And it will be helpful here is to keep track of the smartwatches myths and truths through proper reviews.

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