Monday, October 7, 2013

Human owner of Siri's voice identified

Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that Apple launched in 2011 with iPhone 4S and most people have probably at some point heard Siri's voice. Now, the real human owner of Siri's voice has stepped forward and revealed her identify.

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The appealing and calm voice of Siri that has been incorporated in all iDevices since 2011 is one of the more iconic things about Apple devices. Although many have wondered who the human owner of Siri is, Apple has not revealed any such information. Now, a woman called Susan Bennett has stepped forward and revealed to CNN that Siri's voice is based on recordings of her voice.

Apple has so far not confirmed the claims of Susan Bennett, and it is unlikely that Apple would ever do it, however, audio experts hired by CNN have analyzed her voice and claim that there is a 100% match between Siri's and Susan Bennet's voice. 

Susan Bennett has been working in the industry of voice recordings since the 70:s and her voice has been used in a lot of different areas, including ATMs, automated voice announcements on airports and GPS devices. According to Susan Bennett, the recordings for Siri took place during July in 2005, many years before the release of Siri in 2011. At that time, Susan Bennett had not idea of what her voice was to be used for. It was not until a colleague of her e-mailed her asking if the voice in Siri was not her voice during testing of the iPhone 4S, that she made the connection. Since 2011, Susan Bennett has known that her voice has been used for Siri, but has decided not to reveal it. 

The recent events that caused Susan Bennett to step forward was largely caused by coincidence. CNN had been working on some research regarding the voices behind the automated announcement systems in airports and contacted Susan Bennett. In the process, the journalist realized the connection between Siri and Susan Bennett and subsequently resulted in the recent announcement of the owner behind Siri. 

While this may not be much but an interesting thing for the technologically interested individuals, for the industry, this shows how elaborate and time-consuming product design and research are. Something which was initiated in 2005, took 6 years before the final product reached the market.

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