Friday, September 13, 2013

Tablet sales surpass PC sales

PC sales have been on a declining trend for some time and now the number of tablets sold for the first time surpasses the number of PCs sold.

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A recent analysis by IDC shows that the number of tablets that is expected to be sold until the end of 2013 will be larger than the number of PCs that will be sold during the same period of time. The PC market has had troubles during the last few years and this only once again confirms that particular fact. One major reason behind the numbers is that the demand for tablets is expected to skyrocket during the Christmas season, whereas the PC sales will only be moderately modified. However, if the whole year of 2013 is considered, PC sales numbers will still be greater than tablet sales numbers.

Even if the total number of PCs sold during 2013 will surpass that of tablets, this shows that tablets are here to stay which has been proven by the very large abundance of iPads and Galaxy Tabs, devices that now can be found almost anywhere. The future though, according to IDC, does not belong to these premium tablets and instead more inexpensive tablets for developing countries will be the next big thing. The reason is very simple, and relates to market saturation, something that the iPhone as well is experiencing.

Finally, the analysis by IDC shows that PCs sales will be 20% for the year of 2013 out of a market composed of PCs, tablets and smartphones. However, by the time of 2017, PC sales will only account for 13% of the total number of sales.

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