Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Office 365 free for non-profits

The cloud service, Office 365, is now offered free of charge for non-profit organizations. 

free office 365 microsoft
Microsoft has announced that the cloud based office suite, Office 365, will be available free of charge for all non-profit organizations in the world. Initially, 41 countries will be included in the program but more and more countries will be included with 90 countries in total before July next year. 

Non-profits that are eligible for the program may subscribe to Office 365 Enterprise E1 free of charge for an unlimited number of users, in contrast to the standard price of $8 per month and per user. The program only covers the cloud versions and downloadable client versions will still carry a charge of $2 per user and per month. 

With the release of this program, Office 365 will become a direct competitor to Google Apps which has for very long time been free for personal users and non-profit organizations. In either case, this is certainly a nice and welcomed addition to the toolkit of non-profits.

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