Thursday, September 19, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 is the fastest browser

Microsoft has just released the Release Preview version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7. Based on initial performance tests, it appears that Internet Explorer 11 will become the fastest web browser in the competition of today.

best fastest browser ie firefox chrome
Internet Explorer has long been known among enthusiasts to be something like an old and slow dinosaur that is both difficult to customize and also inefficient. In addition, Internet Explorer has also been the source of headache for countless of webmasters since it simply does not follow the HTML standard in terms of rendering. 

During the last years, the situation has truly changed. Today, Internet Explorer is striving to follow the HTML standard in rendering pages, and is also giving a lot of emphasis on performance and efficiency of the browser. Following the Release Preview version of Internet Explorer 11 that was released yesterday, it appears that this new version will be the fastest version ever released for Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11 is 9% faster than the current stable version of Internet Explorer 10 and 30% faster than the closest competitor (Mozilla Firefox). 

The test results are based on the freely available SunSpider 1.0.1 benchmark test where Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview scored 137 ms as compared to 218 ms for Google Chrome and 199 ms for Mozilla Firefox. 

Whether or not the performance will result in better user experience is of course up for discussion, however, regardless it is refreshing to see that Microsoft is finally investing into the performance aspect of their products. Hopefully, Microsoft will also focus on improving the security of their products as well, in particular considering the recent critical 0-day exploit against Internet Explorer.

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