Wednesday, September 18, 2013

App Store now offers older app versions

Apple has finally introduced the possibility to install an older version of an app which solves a lot of iOS version incompatibilities of new or updated apps following the release of a new iOS version.

downgrade iphone app best
Since Apple App store was launched an intrinsic "feature" of it is that it only allows users to download and install the newest version of a given app with no way to downgrade to an older version. While most users could live without the possibility to downgrade, a major problem arises when new iOS versions are released. Historically, older iDevices that do not support the new iOS version will eventually not be able to run most apps as they are missing some newer iOS developer functions.

Today, Apple has finally remedied this. Users who attempt to download and install an app that is incompatible with their iOS version will instead be offered an older version of the app that is compatible with their iOS version. The timing of the introduction of this feature is definitely not a coincidence and it is likely related to iOS 7 which will be released tomorrow, September 18. With the newly introduced possibility to run older app versions, Apple has likely saved themselves from a lot of customer complaints as the apps are eventually updated to only support iOS 7.

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