Monday, September 9, 2013

Apple iPhone market share breaches 40% in USA

Apple iPhone continues to dominate the market according to recent statistics and 2 out of 5 smartphones are now an Apple iPhone on the American market.

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The American market has traditionally been a strong market for Apple iPhones. Recent data from Comscore shows that Apple had a market share of 40.4% in July, which is 1.2 percent-units higher than in April. The closest runner up is Samsung, with a market share of 24.1% and HTC with 8.0%.

However, while Apple is strong when it comes to one single company, when considering the mobile platforms in the USA, Google Android is still the largest platform currently. Google Android is used on 51.8% of the smartphones in USA and the Apple iOS platform is used on "only" 40.4%. The closest runner up is far behind, being the Blackberry with only 4.3% of the market.

It is also interesting to compare this on a global scale where Android sales constitute for almost 80% and iOS sales only constitute roughly 15%.

The table below summarizes the top 5 companies and top 5 smartphone platforms.

Top 5 largest smartphone producers in USA
1. Apple 40.4%
2. Samsung 24.1%
3. HTC 8.0%
4. Motorola 6.9%
5. LG 6.8%

Top 5 largest smartphone platforms in USA
1. Android 51.8%
2. iOS 40.4%
3. Blackberry 4.3%
4. Windows Phone 3.0%
5. Symbian 0.3%

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