Monday, August 19, 2013

Nokia rumored to release a tablet based on Windows RT

The autumn of a year has historically been the prime time to launch new products, considering the "back to school" period and also the Christmas holiday season coming up. 

During the autumn of this year, companies such as Apple and Google both are gearing up to launch their new products and at this time, the old rumors of Nokia working on their own tablet has also been resurrected.

The Verge has published rumors about Nokia's new tablet, which is expected to be demonstrated in New York on the 26:th of September. The tablet is expected to run the ARM based Windows RT operating system.

As we know, the Windows RT operating system has had an extremely difficult time, and at present Microsoft is the only company remaining in the ecosystem that still actively develops and sells devices based on the unsuccessful platform. One main problem with Windows RT is that since it is based on ARM, normal Windows applications which are written for x86 simply do not work, meaning that the developers need to release and port their applications to Windows RT, something which many has simply ignored. Therefore, Windows RT has obtained the status of being the platform where no good apps are found.

It is unclear as of why Nokia would want to jump into Windows RT at this point, but analysts believe that with the entrance of an established mobile devices player, attraction of developers may be easier and the platform might finally gain some traction. However, there are many if:s in this case, and reaching success for Nokia will likely be very difficult.

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