Thursday, August 29, 2013

New iPad 5 model will not be unveiled during Apple Event

A new model of iPad will not be revealed during the Apple Event next month, according to Jim Dalrymple.

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There have been many rumours about if the a new iPad 5 model will be released during the Apple Event in September. The well known Apple guru, Jim Dalrymple, now claims that this is not to be expected.

Considering the fact that Apple last year held one iPhone event and on iPad event, Dalrymple claims that it does not make much sense for Apple to change this winning concept since two release events maximizes the media coverage, which in plain text means free advertisements.

The fifth generation of iPad is expected to be thinner, weigh less and also have a thinner frame around its screen. Certainly it will also be more powerful and come with more RAM memory. If the iPad 5 would be released, then iPad Mini 2 will definitely follow and the most intriguing topic is if the iPad Mini 2 will be equipped with a high-resolution screen.

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