Friday, August 23, 2013

Mozilla to make web browsers safer

Mozilla intends to increase the security of web browsers by introducing a new standard which controls the interaction between security software and web browsers.

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Mozilla, which is most known for its popular Firefox web browser, is currently actively developing a new standard protocol with the purpose of making it easier to integrate security software features with web browsers.

The new standard protocol has been given the name Plug-n-Hack and will define how security software may be integrated into a web browser through add-ons or plugins and subsequently modify internal settings of the web browser.

While it is not immediately clear how this would increase the security in web browsers, one example was given. When a user currently wants to use a proxy server, at the moment the user need to configure this both in the web browser settings and the security software settings. With Plug-n-Hack the setting would propagate seamlessly between the software and the user would therefore have an easier time to either allow or block certain features.

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