Friday, August 23, 2013

Fedora 20 codename poll started

Fedora is known to use rather strange codenames. This appears to be the case for the next Fedora 20 release judging from the codename poll.

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With the development well under way for the next Fedora 20 release, the time has come to decide on the codename. Traditionally, Fedora has used rather goofy codenames and this time this tradition seems to still be kept alive. 

The shortlist of codenames for Fedora 20 that are open for voting are, Chateaubriand, Cherry Ice Cream, Eigenstate, Félicette, Heisenbug, Österreich, Santa Claus, and Superego. The codenames are all inspired from the quantum mechanical thought experiment known as Schrödinger's Cat and posed by the physicist Schrödinger.

The current Fedora 19 release has the name Schrödinger's Cat and Fedora 18 was codenamed Spherical Cow. Those that would like to participate in the poll should head over to the Fedora homepage.

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