Friday, August 23, 2013

Apple acquires another map company

Apple is investing a lot of efforts in improving its Maps app after receiving massive critique since it was launched. Today, Apple confirms that it has acquired the company Embark which specializes in public transportation for maps.

Best iOS Maps app
The default maps app on iOS devices has been Google Maps until iOS 6 was released last year. iOS 6 instead used Apple's own Maps app. Unfortunately, the Maps app was down right terrible and was largely inaccurate, buggy and useless in particular for users from outside of the US. Since the release, Apple has acknowledged the problem and has spent considerable amounts of efforts and time to improve and remedy the Maps app. 

The last acquisition of Embark is the last concrete action to improve the Maps app. Embark specializes in monitoring, collecting and analyzing the public transport system in American cities and offers its own app for users to plan their trip using public transportion. Although Apple has not revealed its intention with the purchase, it is very likely that its intention is to improve the user experience for those that are using or are interested to use public transportation.

Hopefully, Apple Maps will continue and improve rapidly and regain the trust of the users who now still rely and trust more on Google Maps than Apple Maps on their iOS devices.

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