Tuesday, October 22, 2013

iPad 2 still the most popular iPad model

Apple is expected to very soon launch new iPad and iPad Mini models. However, recent analysis shows that even though at present iPad 4 is the newest model, the more than 2 years old iPad 2 model is still by far the most popular model used today.

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The iPad has really opened up the tablet market and at present the iPad 4 is the newest model with the release of the iPad 5 just around the corner. Considering the multiple iPad models on the market today, Localytics has recently conducted a survey on the usage statistics of iPad models.

The data by Localytics showed that iPad 2 is by far the most popular iPad model active today and used by 38% of the users. The iPad 2 was released on March, 2011, and is today considered to be somewhat outdated, but apparently still remains very popular.

Following the iPad 2, the iPad 3 has a usage share of 19% while the iPad 4 has a usage share of 18%. The first generation iPad has a usage share of the still non-negligible 8%. The remaining 17% is accounted for by the iPad Mini.

While the numbers themselves may not be overly exciting, they do show a trend. Which is that people tend to hold onto their iPads for a very long time and are far from as prone to upgrade them as is the case for iPhones. The data also shows that the iPad Mini really has a strong footprint on the market, and essentially cannibalizes on the full-sized iPad models.

With the above numbers in mind, while it makes sense for Apple to continue its tradition of releasing new iPad models soon this year, a question opens up regarding the number of units sold. Apparently, the fraction of users who upgrades has historically been low, and the potential number of new users who do not currently own an iPad and want an iPad is probably relatively small as well.

The full list of the iPad usage share by Localytics is seen below.

RankingModelUsage share
1.iPad 238%
2.iPad 319%
3.iPad 418%
5.iPad Mini17%
6.iPad 18%

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