Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apps crash twice as often on iPhone 5S

The new hardware in the iPhone 5S causes apps to crash twice as often as compared to iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C. 

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According to a new study by Crittercism, the probability of an app to crash on an iPhone 5S is twice as high as compared to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. The iOS 7 system is not to blame this time though and the proneness to crashes is instead attributed to the new hardware in the iPhone 5S, primarily being the new 64-bit CPU (Apple A7) and the motion-sensor-processor (M7). 

Apparently, the new 64-bit hardware and the co-processor can result in apps crashing unexpectedly in some cases. However, a fix by the developers should be relatively easy and as more and more apps are updated, the crashes should become less frequent as well.

It is worth to mention that while the risk of app crashes is twice as high, still only 2 apps out of 100 exhibit any problems, and therefore, the vast majority of apps actually do work very well out-of-the-box with the iPhone 5S.

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