Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 8 Steve Ballmer key facts, current acting CEO of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer which was the CEO successor after Bill Gates has been fired by the board of Microsoft. Over the years, Steve Ballmer has contributed significantly to Microsoft despite his recent failures. Some key facts of Steve Ballmer is found here.

best steve ballmer facts
The board of Microsoft has decided to remove Steve Ballmer from his CEO position. Currently, a committee is actively looking for a CEO replacement following Steve Ballmer which will remain on his position until a replacement is found. Even though Steve Ballmer has made a number of unsuccessful decisions, he has had a long history in Microsoft and contributed significantly to build up the company under the leadership of Bill Gates. Ballmer's judgement and temper, however, may not be fully optimal for a CEO. A few key facts of the CEO is given below.

  1. Steve Ballmer started to work for Microsoft already in 1980.
  2. Before arriving to Microsoft, Steve Ballmer forked for Procter & Gamble.
  3. The higher education of Steve Ballmer was made at Harvard University and Stanford University, although the latter was never completed due to dropout.
  4. The top project that Steve Ballmer regrets during his time at Microsoft is Windows Vista.
  5. Steve Ballmer became the CEO of Microsoft in the year of 2000.
  6. In 2007, Steve Ballmer made fun of the iPhone in a video clip, claiming that the iPhone was useless for corporate users since it was missing physical keyboard. Today, phones with physical keyboards are doing extremely badly.
  7. Steve Ballmer was born on March 24, 1956 and is today 57 years.
  8. Steve Ballmer will remain on the CEO position until a replacement is found, although at longest for 12 months.

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