Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iPhone sales increase by 35 million units with new contracts

If Apple manages to secure a contract with China Mobile its annual sales of iPhone units can increase by 35 million units according to a recent analysis by Deutsche Bank.

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Apple and NTT Docomo (Japan) recently managed to reach an agreement and iPhones will be available for NTT Docomo customers starting from this fall. Following this, it is expected that Apple will focus on securing a contract with China Mobile as well. 

A recent analysis by Deutsche Bank (German Bank), shows that if Apple manages to reach an agreement with China Mobile, the combination of it and the recent agreement with NTT Docomo will result in that Apple will be able to increase its iPhone sales numbers by 35 million units annually. 

Obviously this is not an insignificant number for Apple and hopefully this will also put some pressure on Apple to perhaps negotiate under more "reasonable" conditions. China Mobile after all has 740 million subscribers and will be a major sales channel for Apple.

According to the analysis, approximately 25 million units will be accounted by China Mobile and 10 million units will be accounted by NTT Docomo.

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