Monday, August 26, 2013

Viber client released for Linux

Viber, the popular free VOIP and instant messaging app for smartphones, is now finally available for Linux users.

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Viber is an app that was primarily designed to enable users of smartphones to engage in voice calls (VOIP), messaging and photo- as well as video sharing over data traffic instead of the traditional phone plans. The main difference of Viber as compared to other apps, such as Skype, is that it leverages the push notification system on smartphones, meaning that the app itself does not add extra battery drainage on the mobile devices, i.e., it does not need to be run in the background constantly in contrast to, for example, Skype. 

Viber was first released for the Apple iOS system and was later made available to Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and Bada. After having covered most of the major smartphone operating systems, Viber was then made available for computers as well, that is, Windows and OS X.

Today, Viber announces that the long awaited Linux client has also been released. As always, the Viber client is free of charge to download and use and can be found at the Viber homepage.

Update: Viber Media stated that the Linux client is to be considered a beta version and has removed it from their main page. However, the Viber Linux Client can be downloaded from a direct link.

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