Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Switching to Mac from Windows becoming less attractive

Apple has had large successes in converting Windows users to its Mac OS X computers during the last decade. Today, this trend appears to change and less Windows users are switching to Mac.

Windows switch to Mac OS X
Apple has had many successful years for many of its products. Much owing to the successes of iPod, iPhone and iPad, the Apple Macintosh computers have also been increasingly popular, converting a large number of Windows users.

During the last few years, the sales numbers of PC computers has declined, while the sales numbers of Macintosh has simultaneously increased. For the firsts time in several years, the sales numbers for Macintosh computers have also started to decline, although at a lower rate than PC computers in general.

There may be many explanations to the slower conversion rate to Mac, but one reason could be that the volatile mass of users who are technologically interested already have made the switch. Those that remain on Windows computers, likely does not want to switch due to old habits no matter the arguments. If this is the case, this would be very similar to the slow growth rate of iPhones, which has also reached a point where almost everyone who wants an iPhone already has an iPhone in the developed parts of the world, therefore pressing down the sales numbers.

In general though, Apple has had great successes in persuading Windows users to switch to Mac OS X. Since 2005, more than 40 millions of Windows users have converted to Mac OS X and this number is expected to still increase, although at a slower rate in the future.

The whole computer segment is experiencing tough times and it will definitely be interesting to see how both Microsoft and Apple will attempt to remedy this. At this time, Apple seems to have the upper edge but this could also rapidly change following a new strategy and CEO being appointed at Microsoft.

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