Thursday, August 15, 2013

iPhone 5S expected to be a big success

iPhone 5S picture
There is still about a month left before the iPhone 5S' rumored release date. However, already now, analysts have expressed their expectations of the sales figures of the iPhone 5S.

The well known analyst, Trip Chowdhry at Global Equities Research, for example, believes that the iPhone 5S will be a huge success. However, he does not motivate this by the fact that the iPhone 5S itself is such a great phone, in actuality, he believes that the iPhone 5S is less than impressive and that Tim Cook should be fired from his CEO position.

Instead, Chowdhry claims that the iPhone 5S will result in the most successful product launch for Apple simply due to the fact that it will gain huge marketing leverage by the move jOBS. For those who are not familiar, jOBS is the first of two movies starring Ashton Kutcher which is aimed at a biography movie of the life of Steve Jobs.

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