Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Google Glass release date postponed

The release date of the highly anticipated Google Glass has been postponed by Google until sometime in 2014.

Beautiful glasses picture
In a document that was leaked in May this year, Google Glass was expected to be released during 2013. Today, however, Google has announced that the release date has been postponed to sometime in 2014 for Glass. 

While many developers have received their Glass to start developing various applications for the product, apparently Google believes that more time is needed to finish the product. This should be a good thing as Google historically rather launches a product early than late. For a conceptually new product such as the Google Glass, it is likely the smartest thing to guarantee a good product rather than to chase an early release date. 

The Google Glass product is highly interesting and the reception of the market will be studied and followed extremely carefully by a lot of different people once it is launched. 

While no reasons were given for the postponed release date, one possibility is that the postponing has more to do with the marketing of Glass rather than the technical sides. It is very likely that Google simply is trying to figure out the best time to launch their new Glass product.

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