Friday, August 9, 2013

Asus - the last Windows RT partner abandons Microsoft

Windows RT tablet
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The Microsoft Windows RT operating system that was supposed to help Microsoft become a force to reckon with in the tablet market apparently did not work out at all the way Microsoft wanted. Over the last year, one partner after the other have abandoned ARM-based Windows RT system and now, Asus has announced that it too is dropping all products and developments related to Windows RT.

With Asus leaving the Windows RT market, in actuality, Microsoft stands alone to develop and launch Windows RT based products. So far, even Microsoft has had poor success with its Surface tablet/hybrid computers, and with the numbers at hand, we can conclude that Windows RT has not been successful at all. 

The challenge ahead for Microsoft will be to launch new products following the release of Windows 8.1. With no partners behind it, it will have to carry all weighs by itself with no one helping in terms of experimenting with design and layout of the final product.

In my opinion, Microsoft should drop the whole massive failure of Windows RT altogether. The system already has the label of being incapable and also carries very few apps as compared with iOS and Android. It is very unlikely that Microsoft would be able to convince consumers and developers with the release of Windows 8.1. If Microsoft wants to enter the market, they probably should relaunch a completely new product that is not infected by bad reputation as the whole Windows 8 ecosystem has been.

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