Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to fix broken iMessage in iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 users have reported that iMessage has stopped to work properly. While awaiting an official fix by Apple, fortunately, it is relatively easy to restore the iMessage functionality.

imessage bug fix not working
The recently released iOS 7 carries the largest changes made, ever, for the iOS system. Considering the major changes made by iOS 7, it is not overly surprising to find bugs. Already, Apple has released the second point release, iOS 7.0.2, which fixes some security bugs. However, one outstanding bug that plagues users who upgrades to iOS 7 involves iMessage. 

Users claim that following an upgrade, iMessage magically stops to work. The situation is made worse by the fact that the failed iMessage messages are not sent as standard SMS text messages either, resulting in frustration and many dropped text conversations. Fortunately, fixing the iMessage issue is relatively easy while awaiting an official fix by Apple. The only downside with this approach is that the process will involve an authentication step by the phone that may incur international text message charges since the iPhone needs to send an authentication SMS text message to an Apple server. 

iMessage fix tutorial

Fixing the iMessage issue can be accomplished in three simple steps as described below.
  1. Turn off iMessage: Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> Switch iMessage to "OFF".
  2. Reset Network Settings: Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  3. Turn on iMessage: Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> Switch iMessage to "ON".
By performing the above three steps, iMessage should be functioning again. However, be advised that by resetting the Network Settings, stored Wi-Fi settings and passwords will be lost and users will have to manually connect and provide the relevant Wi-Fi settings and passwords again. In addition, as mentioned above, turning on iMessage results in a delivery of a standard SMS text message to an Apple authentication server. Depending on the location of the user, the SMS message may be charged as a local SMS, domestic SMS, or international (long haul) SMS.

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