Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Windows XP not upgradeable to Windows 8.1

With Windows XP reaching its end-of-life Microsoft has asked its users to upgrade to Windows 8 and the upcoming 8.1. However, it appears that Microsoft has changed its stance and states that computers running Windows XP and Vista are not suitable for Windows 8.1.

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As known, Windows XP will reach its end-of-life in the spring of 2014. Since Windows XP is still used on 34% of the computers today, this has caused serious security concerns where it is expected that hackers will keep their XP exploits secret until the end-of-life. Microsoft, has up until now urged the Windows XP users to upgrade to Windows 8 and subsequently to Windows 8.1 following its release. However, Microsoft has now released a statement where it claims that Windows XP and Windows Vista machines are not suitable to be upgraded to Windows 8.1.

This statement is somewhat surprising and significantly limits the options for Windows XP users. In essence, it means that Windows XP and Vista users should upgrade to Windows 7, something which can even be practically difficult since most channels exclusively sell Windows 8 as per agreement with Microsoft. 

In any case, if this statement by Microsoft will open up for Windows 7 to once again become a common option, this could very well become something that will be good for the whole PC market as a whole, since it is of common consensus that Windows 7 is an excellent system whereas Windows 8 is a rather poor system with many flaws.

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