Monday, September 2, 2013

Ubuntu finally to become 64-bit by default?

Since the origin of Ubuntu, users wanting to download the popular Linux distribution have been recommended to choose the 32-bit version even though 64-bit version has been around forever. At last, 64-bit version may become the recommended build.

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Today, it is almost impossible to purchase a new computer which does not support 64-bit or the x86_64 instruction set. This has been the situation for several years now, however, for some reason Canonical which manages Ubuntu, still persistently recommend its users to use the 32-bit version.

While Canonical's decision may make sense in the past with immature driver support for 64-bit computing, today, this really make extremely little sense as all major issues have long been fixed. Therefore, following the discussion on the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit focusing on the upcoming Ubuntu 13.10 and 14.04 releases, it looks like from Ubuntu 13.10, the 64-bit edition may finally become the default recommended edition offered to the users. 

Today, the server edition of Ubuntu is already offered in 64-bit by default, and it only makes sense to also push 64-bit as the recommended version for the Ubuntu desktop edition as well. Of course, users who are running old computers or for other reasons prefer the 32-bit version will always be able to select that instead and a 32-bit version will be available for all new Ubuntu releases in the foreseeable future.

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