Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iMessage for Android, Huluwa: critical security threat

Users who have installed Huluwa, an app that enables Android users to use iMessage are advised to promptly uninstall the app due to recently discovered security issues with the app.

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Huluwa has been available on Google Play for a while now and it promises to be an app that allows Android users to use the iMessage system developed for iOS devices. However, it has now been revealed that the app itself raises many warning flags and users concerned with security should promptly uninstall the app.

Analysis of the behavior patterns of the Huluwa app shows that all data transmission are sent to a server in China. This includes your messages, but also internal Android data, in principle all information that the app has access to is transmitted to the Chinese server. In a nutshell, the use of Huluwa causes your user credentials to be sent to a third party, which is in particularly alarming for users who have linked their credit cards with their accounts (Google Play as well as Apple-ID). 

To make the whole thing even worse, apparently the developers have snaked in a possibility to allow Huluwa to install arbitrary software in the background on Android units, obviously a highly suspicious behavior and a wide open door for malware trojans and viruses.

At the moment, the Hululwa iMessage app has been removed from the Google Play store and users who have the app installed are advised to uninstall the app from their phones. The Huluwa official homepage at this time also appears to be offline, likely related to the recent discovery of its suspicious behaviors.

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