Friday, September 6, 2013

Demand for open source jobs rockets

Open source knowledge significantly increases the career possibilities as shown by a recent analysis by CIO magazine.

In the last decade, applications and the awareness for open source projects has increased tremendously. According to a recent study by CIO magazine, the number of job openings that involves open source is increasing in an extremely rapid fashion. 

As an example, the number of job openings in Python development has increased by 22% over the last year and similarly Ruby on rail development jobs have increased by 15%. 

Something striking, however, is that open source today is very much more than only Linux. Open source is found now in extremely many devices, and is even something that the companies use to promote themselves. In essence, open source has gone from something nerdy and involved to something that most people come into daily contact with. The web browser Firefox and the Google Android are, for example, excellent examples of this.

Since open source is now so common, the analysis recommends more corporations and companies to explore open source. It is believed that those who value open source and find ways to tap into the massive resource will gain a significant edge over those that for conservative reasons stay with closed source solutions.

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