Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yahoo! website traffic overtakes Google's

Google websites have long been the most visited in the USA. New results show that traffic to Yahoo! websites has grown strongly and is now larger than traffic to Google websites counting the number of unique visitors.

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Despite the large financial problems that Yahoo! is having, apparently, some things are moving in the correct direction. In a recently published ranking list by comScore, the unique visitors to Yahoo! websites have grown substantially making Yahoo! now the most visited website in the USA.

In July 2013, Yahoo! managed to attract 196,564,000 unique visitors and the second position was held by Google which attracted 192,251,000 visitors. Yahoo! therefore won by only a small margin, but the results definitely show that Yahoo!, despite its financial problems, is still very much alive and a strong competitor.

The top 10 list of the most popular websites can be seen below.

RankWebsiteNumber of unique visitors
1 Yahoo! Sites 196,564,000
2 Google Sites 192,251,000
3 Microsoft Sites 179,595,000
4 Facebook 142,266,000
5 AOL, Inc. 117,395,000
6 Amazon Sites 110,028,000
7 Glam Media 90,067,000
8 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 83,435,000
9 CBS Interactive 81,538,000
10 Turner Digital 77,244,000

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