Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Google Glass for regular glasses available soon

A variant for regular glasses of Google Glass, which is the highly anticipated product by Google, has been announced by Babak Parviz, the inventor of Google Glass.

Best glasses glass picture.
The Google Glass is expected to be released sometime next year. However, the inventor of Google Glass, Babak Parviz, recently revealed during a speech at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford that a variant of Google Glass will be available within a few month. 

The variant of Google Glass is an addon that is attached to a pair of regular glasses and provides similar functions as the dedicated Google Glass product.

Parviz also discussed several challenges that had to be solved and is still in work during the development of the Google Glass. Parviz mentioned the requirement for making the product itself attractive enough and miniaturizing the components and prolong the battery life such that the glasses would easily be operational over a whole day. The battery life issues means that the Google Glass will not have a cellular connection, and instead use wifi or Bluetooth tethering to access the internet. 

The apps in Google Glass will be available for purchase by the users directly from the Glass itself and Parviz expects that there will be apps from several companies that will be launched at the end of this year as a synergistic effect with the Google Glass variant launch.

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