Monday, August 19, 2013

Apple offers discounted price for exchanging dangerous third party USB power adapter

Exchange your potentially lethal third party USB power adapter to a genuine Apple adapter at a reduced price.

iPhone iPad chargerOn Friday August 16, 2013, Apple launched its USB Power Adapter Takeback Program. The program is a response to a number of reports where individuals have either been hurt or killed by dangerous third party USB power adapters for their iOS devices such as their iPhones, iPads or iPods.

Within the USB Power Adapter Takeback Program, Apple offers anyone who would like to exchange their third party USB chargers  for a genuine Apple USB charger a large discount. The campaign will continue until October 18, 2013 and in order to be qualified the customer needs to bring the USB charger to be exchanged along with their iOS device to an Apple Store or a participating Apple Authorized Service Provider.

The special prices, as of August 6, 2013, for a genuine Apple USB adapter for those choosing the participate in the program is given below:

Region Price
Austria €10 (inc VAT)
Belgium €10 (inc VAT)
Czech Republic 259 CZK
Denmark 79 DKK
Finland €10 (inc VAT)
Hong Kong 88 HKD
Hungary 3,090 HUF
Ireland €10 (inc VAT)
Italy €10 (inc VAT)
Korea 12,000 KRW
Mexico 189 MXN
Netherlands €10 (inc VAT)
New Zealand 15 NZD
Norway 79 NOK
Poland 42 PLN
Portugal €10 (inc VAT)
Spain €10 (inc VAT)
Sweden 89 SEK
Switzerland 15 CHF
Taiwan 290 TWD

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